Mini Maki

Korean Mini Maki (Ggoma Gimbap) with that infamous “drug sauce” made of mustard and soy sauce.

Maki making is super easy but it takes long time in prepping the ingredients.

Mini maki takes even longer time as one sheet of seaweed is cut in 4 therefore it need 4 times more rolling.

It’s totally worth it. 😋

Green Curry

Thai food is one of my favourite cuisines of the world.

Gareth cooked Vegan Chicken Green Curry last night and it was absolutely delicious! 🤩

Curry sauce was very flavourful, had a nice spice kick and veggies were crunchy.

Green sauce may not look that appetising, but don’t judge a book by its cover! (says a food photographer 😜)

English Breakfast

Vegan English Breakfast.

Vegan bacon, grilled tomatoes, broccoli and king oyster mushrooms on white sourdough slices.

And multiple choices of sauces and condiments incl my absolute favourite Vegan Garlic Mayo.

Just found a new taste – the combination of king oyster mushrooms and garlic mayo.

Amazing! 🤩

Mapo Tofu

Food is all about “mariage”.

When you have a dish in mind, a drink comes along, and when you have a drink to taste, a menu idea pops up in mind.

We had this pretty bottle of Korean plum wine which called up Mapo Tofu to accompany, and it was one of the greatest pairings on my recent dinner tables.

Vegan mince that I used to replace the usual pork mince was fab, not lacking in texture at all and super well blended in the sauce.

The taste was exactly how I remembered from Chinese restaurants in Korea, minus 50% of grease – meaning, not feeling guilty while eating a very tasty, fat-flavourful Chinese dish. 😁

Vegan Pad Thai

Pad Thai.

This popular Thai dish can be fatty with a lot of peanut oil and high in cholesterol when made with prawns (which used to be my favourite choice), but the vegan version was very fresh and light (and delicious!) with a huge pile of bean sprouts and coriander leaves.

I’m definitely going to make it again. 😋